A rice and lentil pancake stuffed with a spicy potato filling, the masala dosa is a fabulous vegetarian street food dish from India. The rice and lentils for the batter have a long soaking and fermenting time, and the fermenting process can be somewhat unpredictable, especially in colder climes. So give yourself plenty of time

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Kottu roti (literally ‘chopped roti’) is perhaps the defining street food of Sri Lanka, their equivalent of a burger in terms of sheer popularity. The curry recipe calls for a lot of ingredients and preparation, so I’ve made double the quantity you need, so you can freeze a batch for next time. You could also

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Jiaozi are gorgeous little stuffed dumplings that are either steamed, as in this recipe, or fried until crisp. They are a traditional part of a Chinese New Year feast, but so popular that they are also heartily consumed all year round, be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just general snacking. Jiaozi freeze really well

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The national dish of Egypt, and sold from street carts throughout the land, koshari – with two types of pasta, rice and lentils – is a carb lover’s dream. Very tasty and filling, this is a really authentic and economical street food dish. Do as the koshari sellers do and have everything lined up in

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This is a really different take on mussels, and a speciality on the streets of Istanbul. The mussels are opened out, stuffed with a spiced rice mixture and then steamed to perfection. Delicious. Opening a mussel does take a little practice, but it’s very similar to shucking an oyster. You are essentially slicing the mussel

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Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice recipe is easy and delicious perfect fro lunch and dinner. This speedy classic egg fried rice taste just good with all your favorite Chinese dishes . The secret to the best Chinese rice is onion garlic sesame oil shredded chicken vegetables rice stir fried in a wok or frying pan.Serve with various

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