Most soups are made up of three parts The liquid The flavoring The thickening or binding So that every soup depends upon a good well flavored liquid something to give it its own distinctive character and taste and the right amount of blending or thickening material. If good stock is available rich in meat or

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Seasonings and Spices You Should Keep in Store

Seasonings and spices No dish is a success unless it is well seasoned and flavored and correctly colored. Taste everything possible before serving it. Be critical, and blend the flavors well.   Keep in stock Salt, celery salt, celery seeds, Pepper and peppercorns. Cayenne and paprika pepper. Coralline pepper to garnish savories. Mustard and French

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How to be a Good Cook

Key points to keep in your mind while cooking: Be interested in cooking Use foods when they are in season and at their best and cheapest Prepare ovens pans tins and utensils before mixing ingredients Measure accurately Get all consistencies right Follow basic recipes exactly and then add variations Understand your cooker Season and flavor

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The Secret of Good Cookery

Good cookery is built on two wide foundations: A sound understanding of basic recipes and methods of cooking A lot of enjoyment and imagination Without the first no one can be a good versatile cook. Time is well spent in learning and remembering a few basic recipes and in understanding exactly how to cook them.

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