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Recipe Disclaimer

Ingrecipe website is not responsible for your outcome of any recipe found on our website or linked to from any other source. There are a number of factors that could contribute to not achieving the desired result when preparing a recipe. Some of those can include the ingredients and brands of ingredients, ingredient substitutions, skipping steps, combining steps or altering the recipe, the equipment used, my possible errors/typos, or the reader’s individual cooking ability.

In a nutshell: My goal is your success with the recipes posted, here. I hope it comes out exactly as you hope it will, but sometimes it may not. I hope you’ll always feel free to email me with a question so I can do my best to help.

Prep and Cook Time Disclaimer

I try my hardest to estimate accurate cooking and prep times for the recipes on the ingrecipe blog. However, it takes me only a few seconds to chop most vegetables. Experience and skill levels are always factors in the time necessary to complete a recipe.

When preparing meals, please take into account that experience in the kitchen, the ability and willingness to multitask during cooking, and whether you’ve purchased pre-chopped vegetables or are chopping your own, etc. are going to affect prep and cook times. 

Also, everyone’s oven and kitchen tools are a little different. Baking times can vary quite a bit, depending on your specific oven. So, you need to practice with and know your own equipment to achieve the best results and understand the time it may require. 

In a nutshell: The recipes on the ingrecipe blog may take you a little longer or shorter time to create than indicated on the recipe card.

Nutrition Disclaimer

I do not provide nutritional information on my recipes, because the calculators available are so disparate in the way they reach those numbers and because the brand of product and the way it is processed can radically change the nutritional value of any given food. Because I am not confident in their accuracy, I will not post those numbers. To ensure the most accurate nutritional information, the reader should make calculations based on the ingredients they personally use, using their own preferred method, or consulting with a licensed nutritional expert.

General Food Safety Disclaimer

The reader assumes full responsibility for using their best judgment when cooking with raw ingredients such as beef, poultry, or eggs, and seeking information from an official food safety authority if they are unsure.

The reader must also take care to not physically injure themselves by coming into contact with hot surfaces, sharp blades, and other kitchen hazards.

It is the responsibility of the reader to review all listed ingredients in a recipe before cooking to ensure that none of the ingredients may cause a potential adverse reaction to anyone eating the food based on recipes featured on the ingrecipe blog. This includes allergies, pregnancy-related diet restrictions, etc.