The brand new sex ratio is really that there exists 101

The brand new sex ratio is really that there exists 101

The fresh Philippine population inside the 2000 are 76 504 077, so it is this new thirteen th extremely populous country internationally. Their people during the 2005 was estimated within 85 236 913; female happened to be on 50 % of one’s total population. 4 guys for every single 100 women. Inside 2000, forty eight % of your own society stayed in towns as compared to 37.4 per cent for the 1980 (NSO, 2000).

The people growth rate have increased off 2.35 per cent into the 1980 in order to a projected dos.05 per cent inside the 2005. The fertility rate since 2003 is actually step 3.5 per cent (NSO, 2003). The people are younger: 37 % is significantly less than fifteen years old, sixty percent was of working age (15-64 ages) and you will around three % are 64 decades or older. Life span was 72.five years for ladies and 67.two years for men. The average Filipino home has exploded less, away from half dozen participants into the 1970, in order to five inside 2000. Female-going property enhanced from 10 percent into the 1970 so you can 12.dos per cent during the 2000. Female-lead households were faster, that have normally four participants (NCRFW, 2005).

Brand new Philippines is actually an archipelago with more than 7 100 islands. Eleven high countries compensate on the 95 percent of your own total house urban area; small islands and you can islets, some of which appear and you will fall off towards the ebbing and you may rising of your own tides, had been the remaining 5 percent. The world is divided into about three big area teams: Luzon ‘s the prominent area group with an area of 141 000 sq . km, accompanied by Mindanao coating 102 000 sq kilometres, and Visayas having 57 000 sq km (FAO, 2004).

The brand new Philippine population are split up geographically and culturally towards the places, and every local class is recognisable by the collection of attributes and you may dialects.

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