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Brown Bread ice cream ( Traditional Favorite)

Bread crumbs, Sugar , Double cream, Vanilla essence ,, whipped cream, Mint,

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Nutty Date Delight ( Sticky Teatime Treat)

Butter, Dried Dates, cashew nuts, condensed milk, pistachio nuts, almonds, desiccated coconut

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Chocolate Caramel Squares( Teatime Treats)

Butter, chocolate chip cookies, golden syrup, condensed milk, plain chocolate,

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Banana Ice Cream( Caribbean Flavors)

Egg, Egg yolk, corn flour, caster sugar, milk, Bananas, Vanilla essence, Double cream, caramel…

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Strawberry and Kiwi Tart

coconut ring, butter, cream cheese, vanilla yogurt , caster sugar, strawberries , Kiwi fruits, Apricot jam

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Peaches with sour cream

peaches, Vanilla essence, caster sugar, Almonds, mint Demerara sugar

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Fig and Pineapple Puddings

Fig, pineapple , Mint, Butter, caster sugar, egg yolk, self rising flour, can custard, orange, orange juice,

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Greek-Style Yogurt Flan

Butter, Amoretti biscuits, Almond, Golden, Gelatin, Yogurt, Honey, Lime juice, Apricots,

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Rocky Road Puddings

Egg, caster sugar, plain flour, cocoa , plain chocolate, marshmallows, from age frais, walnuts.

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