Handy Measures

General Measuring 1 oz. Flour = 1 rounded tablespoonful 1-2 oz. Flour = 1 level tablespoonful 1-4 oz. Flour = 1 rounded teaspoonful 1 oz. sugar = 1 good level tablespoonful 1 oz. fat = a small hen’s egg 1 egg (medium) = 2 oz. 1 tablespoonful treacle or jam = 2 oz.   Liquid

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Kitchen Lore

The word lore means FUN in kitchen Weighting and Measuring Be accurate correct proportions are essential to success. Use scales or measuring cups and spoons. You cannot obtain good results by guessing quantities although with experience you may learn to judge many quantities by sight. Get to know how much your cooking bowls cups and jugs hold and

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