Stuffed Strawberries

Cream Cheese stuffed strawberries go perfectly together they look elegant but are actually fairly easy to make Stuffed strawberries in one of every ones favorite dessert..and this is a lower calories way to get the same taste.

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Frozen Peppermint Patties

This Frozen peppermint Patties are so simple and pure as a candy can be…No addictive and preservatives make with only few ingredients…The surprising thing about this frozen peppermint patties recipe is that if the mints are left in the fridge they mimic …The chocolate hold the special little package either way…

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Curried Coconut Chicken Balls

Coconut Chicken Balls a quick weeknight dinner that takes less then 30 minutes to make These balls are delicious on their own but the curry sauce makes them amazing a quick homemade balls baked and brown in the oven served with creamy curry sauce ….

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Easy Crabmeat Casserole

This is easy Crab meat Casserole can be made ahead and frozen after baking .This one is the perfect combination of cheeses and ingredients to make a yummy crab meat casserole that is sure to go to quickly at potlucks and holidays gingering Crab delights are made with premium Wild Alaskan Pollock fillers are gluten

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