How to be a Good Cook

Key points to keep in your mind while cooking:

  • Be interested in cooking
  • Use foods when they are in season and at their best and cheapest
  • Prepare ovens pans tins and utensils before mixing ingredients
  • Measure accurately
  • Get all consistencies right
  • Follow basic recipes exactly and then add variations
  • Understand your cooker
  • Season and flavor everything you cook
  • Taste it before serving
  • See that it is right in flavor color and consistency
  • Serve hot dishes hot and cold dishes cold
  • Serve attractively
  • Experiment
    • Keep a record of exactly how you cook a new dish temperature time etc. so that you can repeat it exactly if it is a success and vary it if it needs improvement
    • It is better to cook a few dishes really well than many dishes badly
    • Repeat your successes with variations
    • Simple dishes well-cooked perfectly flavored and colored and properly served make perfect meals for even the greatest occasions
    • When you have guests to dinner make simple menus with dishes you know will be a success
    • Choose dishes which can be largely prepared beforehand and are quickly and easily dished casseroles are most useful on these occasions
  • Avoid those which require sauces and dressing to be made at the last moment
  • Let the courses vary in color and general character
    • One hot another cold
    • One soft another crisp etc.
    • One in individual dishes another served from large dishes
    • One of blended browns and greens another yellow and cream or with red predominating
  • Picture the meal in your eyes and in your mouth as you plan it and let it be pleasing on the plate and the palate

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