Taco Seasniong

This taco seasoning recipe is very easy to make developed  the taste of your meal .The base of taco seasoning is fresh spices make for the best taco seasoning. The best use of taco seasoning is destined for crispy beef tacos, chicken soup, tofu, pasta also.

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Cucumber and Onion Chaat Kheera Pyaz ki Chaat

This refreshing and deliciously crunchy relish can be served with any Indian meal. It is yummy on a hot summer’s day! And there are endless variations—try adding diced radish, carrots or apples to give this a twist when entertaining. This relish is a very common fixture of Indian meals, adding a flavorful bit of raw

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Sweet Mango Chutney Mitha Aam Chutney

Unripe green mangoes are used in this sweet and slightly sour mango chutney. This condiment is especially good when paired with fish, bread and vegetable dishes. The possibilities are endless. Try it with Fried Puffed Bread called poori, Tandoori Chicken or store-bought plain pappadum. You might even try smearing it on bread instead of peanut

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There are two cuisines that could convince me to vegetarian – Italian and Indian, and this recipe is a perfect example of why I have listed Indian as one of the two. Delicious, simple to prepare with ingredients you most likely have in your fridge and storecupboard and wonderfully evocative of Indian street food. Try

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