Green Mango Pickle Harae Aam ki Chutni

There are thousands of different variations of mango pickle recipes, and you will find a version of it in every home, no matter where you are in India. . Don’t be alarmed by the amount of chili powder used in this recipe. Indian pickles are indeed very potent and are flavored with a lot of

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Spiced Garlic Poondu Kolumbu

This traditional south Indian side dish is known as Poondu Kolumbu in the south or Lahsooni Kari in the north, which simply means “garlic curry.” The pungent flavor of garlic is well complemented by the spices and tangy tamarind and tomatoes. Do not be put off by the quantity of garlic, although you might not

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Cucumber and Onion Chaat Kheera Pyaz ki Chaat

This refreshing and deliciously crunchy relish can be served with any Indian meal. It is yummy on a hot summer’s day! And there are endless variations—try adding diced radish, carrots or apples to give this a twist when entertaining. This relish is a very common fixture of Indian meals, adding a flavorful bit of raw

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Chaat Masala

Chaat is a commonly used term to describe street snacks of India. These small dishes are infused with a complex blend of sweet, tangy and spicy flavors. This is always seasoned with a spice mix called chaat masala. Like any other Indian spice blends each one has their own regional variation throughout India. This spice

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Dhaba Spice Dhaba Masala

Dhabas are small local restaurants or truck stops which are located along the highways of northern India. Dhabas generally serve delicious, heavily spiced dishes preferred by many travelers. Marinated meat, chicken, fish or cheese is given a distinct flavor with this versatile mixture of spices made famous by the dhabas.

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