Basic Cooking Utensils

Only a few utensils are essential to good cookery but those you choose should be right for their purpose. They should be the right size and shape well made with comfortable handles well-fitting parts easy to use easy to clean and nice to look at.

A poor cooking utensils is a constant source of irritation and is always a bad investment. Let those you buy be the right ones for you. They should be suitable for the size of your family your kitchen your storage space your cooking stove and your purse.

Have good utensils and then take care of them.


Buy good thick saucepans and frying pans for an electric cooker they should have a ground base and be large enough to cover the hot plates.

Pans with an 8 inch base are generally useful for families of four to six people with a larger one for special purpose see that lids fit well but easily.

Handles on pans and lids should not get hot while in use. A steamer to fit pans of various sizes is most useful.

I like lots of casseroles they are clean and easy to use foods may be served in them look attractive at table and keep really hot.

Whole meals may be cooked in the oven to save fuel and to reduce the amount of attention required.

I often leave meat sweet potatoes and second vegetable all cooking in casseroles in a slow oven while I am out and return home to find the complete meal ready to serve.

Buy casseroles with flat covers which save oven space and make extra dishes when needed.

Cooking Tins

Choose baking sheets and tins which fit easily into the oven without wasting a lot of space but do not come so near the sides that food will burn.

Have lots of baking tins with shallow sides and stand all casseroles cake tins and pie dishes on these to cook so that they can be handled easily

Have cake tins of various sizes some with lose bottoms and some with deep sides and fixed bases square tins and other shapes make for variety Rings are especially attractive

Have fluted & plain tins for small cakes and covered tin or two dripping tins for roasting meat.

Oven Cloth

Have a really thick oven cloth of the type you can slip your hands into and so protect the back of the hand from burns.

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