Shrimp Bruschetta

These simple but innovative bruschetta with an Indian twist are delicious served as finger food at cocktail parties or as a starter. Best of all, these bruschetta can be whipped up at a moment’s notice, allowing you to feed unexpected guests and look like a gourmet cook. Try not to eat them all yourself while

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Softly set scrambled eggs loaded with vegetables, spices and herbs make a spectacular and unusual brunch dish. Traditionally eaten without cutlery, and using torn off bits of bread to scoop up the egg, this is a very popular street breakfast in India to fuel the workers.

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Ubiquitous in Jamaica, and also found all over the Caribbean, these tropical patties are said to have their roots in the traditional Cornish pasty, thanks to a long colonial history going back centuries. Here, they are made of a tender golden turmeric pastry stuffed with a classic curried minced beef filling. They make a tropical

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