Masala pineapples are so simple – they are literally chunks of ripe, juicy fruit rolled in a special masala spice blend and threaded on to a kebab stick. If you’ve ever been by the beach in Durban, South Africa, where they are sold on numerous street carts, you’ll know the fruit and spice combination makes

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There are a few things I like to the eat the most when I go back to Italy: gnocco fritto is definitely one of them. I crave it so much when I am here in the States that it becomes a special treat when I am back home. Fluffy, crunchy and so flavourful, gnocco fritto

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Nicknamed the ‘Polish pizza’, and hugely popular on the streets across Poland, zapiekanki are open toasted sandwiches topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted cheese. Said to hail from the Communist days of the 1970s when food was scarce, this is a cheap and deliciously comforting snack. You could embellish it with other vegetables, such as

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Ubiquitous across Finland, often eaten as a snack with a glass of cold milk, these buns are translated literally as ‘slapped ears’ – some say because of their slightly squished shape, and others because children who tried to steal them hot from the oven were told they would get their ears slapped. Note: you will

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