Tonkatsu( Crispy Breaded pork Cutlet)

In Japan there’s a superstition about this dish (TON) means pork and (Katsu) means fry. But (Katsu) also means to “to win” so if someone has an important exam or interview, they might have Ton katsu for dinner the evening before, to improve their chances. More importantly, with its golden crumb, this pork is wonderfully

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Twice Cooked Pork( twice-cooked-pork-belly)

Here we use a simple technique to improve the texture and flavor of pork simmering it in hot water before finishing it in a wok. Similarly, cooking the cabbage and peppers briefly in hot water before frying helps keep their colours nice and bright, and their texture firm . The end result is a sizzling

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Country Herbed Meat Loaf

The meat loaf is the combination of Ground Beef and Pork .Feel free to use all ground beef in the meat loaf or use 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef and 1/2 pound of ground pork The pork add extra flavor and moisture to the loaf .

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Jiaozi are gorgeous little stuffed dumplings that are either steamed, as in this recipe, or fried until crisp. They are a traditional part of a Chinese New Year feast, but so popular that they are also heartily consumed all year round, be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just general snacking. Jiaozi freeze really well

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How to Make Steamed Pork Buns - Char Siu Bao

How to Make Steamed Pork Buns – Char Siu Bao

China’s answer to a sandwich, a bao is an exceedingly delicious steamed bun made from the softest, fluffiest white bread you have ever tasted. Here the buns are filled with succulent char siu , or barbecued pork. The recipe makes twice the amount of barbecued pork needed to fill the buns, but it’s so tasty

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These lemony Greek kebabs are best made with a succulent, not-too-lean cut of pork, such as leg or shoulder, as the marbling of fat through the meat bastes the kebabs from the inside as they cook. You could use low-fat tenderloin if you prefer, but the result will be a touch drier. Note: you will

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Mexican tamales are lovely parcels of steamed corn dough stuffed with a variety of usually meaty fillings. I’ve used a seductive mix of pulled pork and punchy chilli sauce. Making tamales is a little labour-intensive, but you can make the pork and sauce ahead of time, and it will keep in the fridge very happily

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