Tom Ka Kai(Chicken Coconut Soup)

In Thailand, this soup is often eaten on hot summer days, but I think its a lovely way to warm up when the weather turns cold. It blends, sweetness with savory flavors, and a light touch of chili that’s the warming part. Try it with other starts, like the Fishcakes or lemon grass pork skewers.

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Greek-Style Mushrooms

Version of this dish can be found all over Greece The type of mushrooms differ depending on what can be safely foraged or found in the markets The spices differ somewhat as well but this version is one of the more popular …

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Creamy Chicken and Green Beans

This Creamy Chicken and Green Beans is the one pot hot dish …It has everything a good hot dish should have chicken beans cream mushrooms all in one pot with no fancy or complicated ingredients just good plain solid comfort food..

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Deviled Swiss Steak

This is a classic Swiss steak recipe made with boneless beef chunk or bottom round The steak is portioned tenderized. You can use this steak and thin it out as you tenderized This is extremely versatile with many possible addition

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Nicknamed the ‘Polish pizza’, and hugely popular on the streets across Poland, zapiekanki are open toasted sandwiches topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted cheese. Said to hail from the Communist days of the 1970s when food was scarce, this is a cheap and deliciously comforting snack. You could embellish it with other vegetables, such as

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These traditional Polish dumplings are fairly easy but pretty time-consuming to make. For me, their rich woodland flavours make them the perfect street food for making on a wild, wet autumn afternoon – they really are comfort food extraordinaire .

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