Cucumber and Yogurt Raita Kheera Raita

Raita, a traditional yogurt-based condiment, is served with every Indian meal. All raitas are refreshing, and this version, with its cooling combination of cucumber and mint, is one of the most popular. Serve this raita as a dip with any appetizer or with spiced rice dishes like Fragrant Lamb Biriyani , Saffron Chicken Biriyani and

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Spiced Garlic Poondu Kolumbu

This traditional south Indian side dish is known as Poondu Kolumbu in the south or Lahsooni Kari in the north, which simply means “garlic curry.” The pungent flavor of garlic is well complemented by the spices and tangy tamarind and tomatoes. Do not be put off by the quantity of garlic, although you might not

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South Indian Coconut Chutney Nariyal ki Chutney

This condiment complements crispy Indian snacks, breads, pancakes, grilled fish or chicken dishes perfectly. If you cannot find fresh coconut, use either unsweetened desiccated or shredded dried coconut that has been soaked in warm water to soften. I love to eat this with split pea fritters  but it goes well with anything fried

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Mint Chutney Pudine ki Chutney

This green chutney is the most popular chutney throughout India. Every household adds its own special touch and ingredients and there are hundreds of variations on this chutney. Mint chutney can be served with any Indian snacks, breads or grilled meats and poultry. This chutney can be refrigerated for up to a week or frozen

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