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What I experience in my work now is not what I experienced when I first started 20 years ago, and it’s not just about the technology I was using, either. Everyone has to start somewhere, and since I’ve experienced the highs and lows of climbing the IT ladder, I want to share some tips with you. My hope is you can feel good about kick-starting a career in IT, or get an understanding of what you need to do to keep climbing and have success. The most common way to advance in this career is to move up the ladder within your current organization.

  • Like a first responder in an emergency (hey, email is an emergency!) the help desk technician is tasked with triaging the issue.
  • In contrast, help desk engineers make the biggest average salary, $67,498, in the finance industry.
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  • This could involve becoming an expert in a particular type of software or hardware, or in a specific area of customer service.
  • The Service Desk is the most vital area of contact for IT related incidents and requests.

Adams explains that interdepartmental communication happens all the time in IT, particularly at companies where IT works together as a well-oiled machine. That cross pollination of sorts can be a ladder for you as you look to move forward in your career. While not every IT help desk role will have the same soft skill growth opportunities as Adams’ experience, he certainly values the chances he had. Absolutely amazing program I highly recommend it for all people aiming to improve their quality of life, they are incredibly flexible, hands on, and provide phenomenal service! Imagine you are employed by Simco Technologies, Inc., a small software development company.

How to Become a Help Desk Engineer

Each career also uses different skills, according to real help desk engineer resumes. At [CompanyX], we’re constantly striving to provide the best possible customer experience. To do this, we need a team of IT professionals who are passionate about helping others and solving problems. We’re looking for a service desk engineer to join our team and provide level 1 support to our customers. The ideal candidate will have excellent customer service skills, as well as experience troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking issues.

Wouldn’t it be great to base your career path on the computers, gadgets and technologies that already hold your interest? Streamline large-scale training requirements with The Knowledge Academy’s In-house/Onsite Certified Service Desk Support Technician at your business premises. Experience expert-led classroom learning from the comfort of your workplace and engage professional development. The help desk technician is the first stop for almost anyone that is having trouble with their IT assets, printers, laptops, desktops, email, passwords, printers, printers, printers (ok, you get the gist). In most organizations, when there is an issue with an employee’s IT, they are either going to open a help desk ticket through their web interface or they are going to pick up a phone and call the help desk.

Help desk engineer vs. Desktop support specialist

In the US, help desk technicians earn a base salary of $48,310 and $2,555 in additional pay per year on average [2]. Factors that can influence your salary in this role include experience, education level, industry, location, and company. The annual salary of desktop support specialists is $7,482 lower than the average salary of help desk engineers. It offers the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies, solve problems, and help people. You’ll also learn a lot on the job, which is important for staying current in your field.

Other skills that Service Desk Technicians need to have are accurately recording and updating requests and installing and configuring IT equipment.

Help Desk Engineer Overview

The role of a help desk engineer includes a wide range of responsibilities. These responsibilities can vary based on an individual’s specific job, company, or industry. With the technical and interpersonal experience you can gain in a help desk role, it’s no wonder why this is such a common starting point for IT professionals. Modern courses and learning activities in state-of-the-art technologies prepare you for your new career. Communication is vital for a Service Desk Technician as they must interact with technical and non-technical individuals.

become a help desk engineer

On average, desktop support specialists reach similar levels of education than help desk engineers. Desktop support specialists are 2.1% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree. Another way to advance your career is to specialize in a particular area of service desk engineering. This could involve becoming an expert in a particular type of software or hardware, or in a specific area of customer service.

Help Desk Engineer education

They are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving technical issues related to hardware, software, and network systems. Help desk engineers work in a variety of industries, including IT, healthcare, finance, and government. They communicate with clients, identify problems, and provide effective and user-friendly solutions over phone, email, chat, and ticketing systems. Help desk technicians are specialized types of customer service representatives. They use their technical knowledge of hardware and software to help troubleshoot problems users encounter.

  • Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, interactive experience with our expert-led Certified Service Desk Support Technician sessions.
  • I firmly believe you could be a Senior Systems Engineer up until you are ready to retire and be completely happy.
  • If you find something that does, grab ahold of it and learn all you can.
  • Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.
  • Even though help desk engineers and desktop support specialists are distinct careers, a few of the skills required for both jobs are similar.

With experience, you could become a manager or senior IT support technician. Senior infrastructure engineers average a higher salary than the annual salary of help desk engineers. Information engineers typically earn higher educational levels compared to help desk engineers.

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