Pad Thai (Stir- Fried Rice Noodles)

Classic Pad Thai is a very simple noodle dish, cooked with eggs, prawns, beansprouts and tofu. You can also add a variety of vegetables, making the dish even healthier. I like to do it by the seasons- broccoli in the winter and green beans in the summer.

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Prawn, Squid and Glass Noodle Salad

Glass noodles are also called mung bean noodles. As the name suggests., they’re translucent. They have a clean, refreshing flavor, so they’re well worth looking for – if you can’t find them in your supermarket, an oriental grocer will have them. Or you can use rice noodles instead. You’ll still have a lovely seafood salad.

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Tom Ka Kai(Chicken Coconut Soup)

In Thailand, this soup is often eaten on hot summer days, but I think its a lovely way to warm up when the weather turns cold. It blends, sweetness with savory flavors, and a light touch of chili that’s the warming part. Try it with other starts, like the Fishcakes or lemon grass pork skewers.

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With the texture and nuttiness of a falafel and the added succulence of king prawns, these Sri Lankan shrimp vadai (prawn fritters) are hugely moreish. The pol sambol is a fiery coconut-based dry chutney that goes well with many spicy dishes – try it with the egg hoppers . Maldive fish flakes are hard to

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