Tonkatsu – Crispy Breaded Pork Cutlet

Tonkatsu – Crispy Breaded Pork Cutlet is a popular Japanese dish that features crispy breaded pork cutlet that is believed to have originated in the late 19th century. The dish was influenced by European cuisine, specifically the Austrian schnitzel, and was adapted to Japanese tastes over time. To make Tonkatsu, you start by seasoning a

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Crab Cake

Crab cakes are always serve as a appetizers section of fancy sea food restaurants There is a variety of crab meat would work like Blue Crab, Snow Crab , Stone Crab Jumbo Lump, Lump, Backfin, Claw. They are so easy to make any one can do it.

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a classic comfort food dish made with macaroni pasta and a creamy cheese sauce. The origins of this beloved dish can be traced back to 18th century England, where it was known as “macaroni pudding” and was considered a luxurious dish served to the wealthy.

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