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Tom Ka Kai(Chicken Coconut Soup)

In Thailand, this soup is often eaten on hot summer days, but I think its a lovely way to warm up…

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Matcha, Lime and Chocolate Tiramisu

If you go to Japan, you’ll see “Green Sweets” such as sage- green ice cream forest green cakes and mint green…

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Teriyaki Salmon with Edamame Rice ( Pan Fried sweet soy Salmon Fillet)

Teriyaki is probably the best known Japanese cooking method. Its also very popular, because of its sweet soy sauce flavor. Edamame…

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Tonkatsu( Crispy Breaded pork Cutlet)

In Japan there’s a superstition about this dish (TON) means pork and (Katsu) means fry. But (Katsu) also means to “to…

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Tempura Vegetables with soy Dipping Sauce

These crispy battered vegetables taste best when they’re freshly cooked, and dipped in a tangy sauce. When my mother fried tempura,…

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Pork Root Vegetable Tofu and Miso Soup

This one is a favorite winter dish, called TONJIRU in Japanese. The rich broth, with pork, tofu and chunky vegetable is…

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